Friday, May 11, 2007

Tag I'm It

My author group is playing this electronic game of tag. I was tagged - twice to be precise. I guess I didn't run fast enough. .
The person who is tagged is supposed to list 6 things that other people may not know about them. I am supposed to list 6 things - and since I was tagged twice I guess I have to list 12. So here goes:
Tag #1
1) I used to belly dance when I was about 150 pounds lighter.
2) I am gray, dye my hair blonde and when I was belly dancing I dyed my hair black.
3) I was awarded a certificate from Guiness Book of World Records for my dragon collection. I had officially 785 dragons and unofficially about 900.
4) I can't resist stuffed toys.
5) I can drink a gallon of coffee a day.
6) I have two dogs, a cat, and a hamster.

Tag #2
1) I used to collect snakes, tarantulas, scorpions, all sorts of creepy crawlies for my boys to keep in terrariums, but I get squeamish when I see a cockroach.
2) I have never worn make-up.
3) I was engaged to three guys when I met my then-future-husband. We have been married for 37 years this December.
4) I broke a family tradition. I have been married once. My mom and my grandmother and my great-grandmother all were married 5 times.
5) Halloween is my favorite holiday cause I love to dress up.
6) I am a marksman with a pistol and a rifle.

Well, those are my lists. Hope you find something interesting.

And I want to tell anyone who visits my blog that I intend to start writing on my blog more consistently so come by often and see what I can find to talk about.

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