Saturday, May 26, 2007

Life, the Universe and Everything

Thanks to Douglas Adams for that phrase. That phrase has been my catch-all. When life is going down the tubes - it is LUAE that is making the problem. When life is great - again it is LUAE. Today is going great. Well, I am deciding to make it go great.
First: if I haven't told you yet, I have a cover. A cover for Prophecy of Vithan coming out August 2, 2007 with I can't post it yet, it hasn't been approved yet, but I am soooo jazzed. I think you will too.
Second: I am learning new things on the Internet. I found this site It claims that I can claim my blogs (whatever claiming blogs mean) if I post this link:
Technorati Profile . Then something magical happens - well that is my story and I'm sticking with it.
Third: Don't forget to drop by Sandy Lender's blog tour on on May 30th. Then be sure to come back here on June 11th for some more fun with Sandy Lender.
Fourth: I have been told today that I am a disappointment because I am not a reflection of my relative - I write fiction, not non-fiction. I like operas, museums, concerts, Shakespeare in the Park not crickets, lizards, and snakes. I have my opinions not someone else's. Well, today I decide that I am not a moon - a reflective surface - I am a star, a shining star. I may be a tiny speck in the sky, I am still true to myself not a reflection.

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