Thursday, April 26, 2007

Time for Everything?

I get this thought for the day "from the Universe" Today's thought was there is so much time to do everything we want to do. It only takes 9 hours to climb Mt Everest leaving 15 hours to rest and search for Yeti. However, after today I have to disagree. I have just spent the last 10 hours in the hospital with hubby. Every morning we go for a walk - me walking and him using his electric wheelchair. We walk in the desert - roads all over the 160 acre ranch. Most are hard pack. He goes lickety split on them. In the soft sand either I am his tow truck, or he has learned how to pop a wheelie and do a u-turn and get out of the soft sand. Today, whatever was in his mind I have no idea, he decided to up his speed to the highest and head for soft sand. Instead of getting stuck, he hit a berm (a raised channel of sand that directs water when we have flash floods) and flipped his wheelchair. Had I had a movie camera and taken pictures of his flight I would have won America's funniest home videos and won a featured place on wildest and scariest videos. He landed face down in the sand, with the wheelchair on top of him. His paralyzed arm taking the brunt of the hit and his head pounded the ground. We got the firetruck with paramedics onto the trail and then the ambulance. He was taken 50 miles to the nearest hospital. There after many hours, they determined that all he had was bumps and bruises and some awful looking but not serious wounds from sand-papering his arm and head.
Now if I have all the time in the universe to do everything I need to do, I guess all I needed to do today was spend 10 hours in the hospital.
I did get 5 pages hand written of my novel while waiting for doctors and nurses to do their jobs. I will blog. Now, Universe, was there anything else I needed to do? I guess not.

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