Monday, January 20, 2014


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 Yesterday was an exciting, scary day. We went to see the sea lions at La Jolla Cove. One seal was on the beach and people were getting close to take good pictures with out the sea lion getting upset or leaving.
My grandson, Yuriel, wanted to see the sea lion up close. So, Papa took him down the stairs to the beach where the sea lion was sitting.
After seeing the sea lion, they decided to play tag with the waves. They played fo...r quite a while.
Suddenly, the tide came in. It swept Yuriel off his feet and underwater between two rocks.
Yuriel was grabbed by Papa - soggy, scared, but not too worse for wear.
HOWEVER, and here is where the post comes in. Yuriel lost his Spiderman baseball cap and a souvenir plastic octopus. He was more upset at losing those things than he was from being dunked.
I told him that I would post a request to everyone on Facebook to let us know if you see either the octopus or the cap as they are going around the world on their ocean voyage adventure.
Can you help?
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     You can see where the cap is surrounded by sea foam as it starts its ocean journey around the world.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Wookie Becomes an Elf

Chewbaca is Legolas.

Our keychain broke.  So the wookie is now legless.

Okay -- so it's a groaner.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Journaling Prompt - Yes to Reclaiming Self-Care - Translation? Coffee!!

Journaling Prompt – Yes to Reclaiming Self-Care – Translation? Coffee!!

No, the title does not make sense. But then, neither does today.
It’s one of those days.
However, a friend from Facebook, Amarinda Jones wrote a blog about coffee which got me thinking.
(I know that is a dangerous thing.)
lady needs coffee 01102014  blog  Betty Lindley by Vassano Ltd 1914

(No, she is not a coffee drinker per se. I liked the picture. Please pretend she is holding a coffee cup.)
The picture is Betty Lindley by Vassano Ltd 1914
So, I looked up coffee (while avoiding doing what I was supposed to do). There are tons of listings for coffee. (No, I didn’t count. That would constitute work.)
Coffee, according to the listings, is popular and addictive. (Really?)
The addictive part is because of caffeine.
I tend to disagree.
 Yes, caffeine is undeniably addictive – meaning that when you have it and then don’t get it, the body wants it again.
However, coffee is addictive in another sort of way.
  1. Coffee is communal.  Nowadays, you drink coffee in preparation to go to work – community. You go to a coffee house to buy coffee and drink it in the companionship of other coffee drinkers – community. You drink coffee because you want to be able to interact with others (otherwise you would simply take a nap) – community. You talk about coffee with others – community. You purchase coffee from other lands or flavored with international inspiration – community.
  2. Coffee is comforting. It warms you inside and out – as you drink it, you are warmed as it goes down; as you hold it, it warms your hands and body. It smells good and pleases your senses even before you drink it.
  3. Finally, it is something that people like to blog about.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

LOL and the Fruppysaurus

A lot has changed for me in 2014, already.
         Moving, Saying Goodbye to Family and Friends,
                  Saying Hello to Family
                                    Starting a New Novel

Well, that last one isn't new or a change.
So, to jump start the year, I signed up for a Journal Prompt thingy.
It is called -- 2014 January Journaling with Kiala Givehand.

Of course, I'm late in starting. (Can't change too much. It would be too shocky to the system.)

Today's prompt  is LOL.

What makes me laugh.  
We took my grandson to the park. He is three. He couldn't decide whether he would be a froggy.
Or a doggy,
 Or a dinosaur.

Usually he just decides to play one then another then the next and so forth.

Today, however,