Friday, August 31, 2007

For A Friend

Please be sure and read the blog from earlier today about the Bakeless Bake Sale.

On a lighter note - a friend, an author has a release today. I have helped in the critique of the book. It is definitely worth a read. The Author is Lacey Thorn and you can find Fanning Her Flames at

Bakeless Bake Sale - Guest Blogger

My name is Virginia Gill. My husband Bill is battling a rare for of Leukemia that as yet does not have a cure. Two years ago there weren't even any treatments. Rather than sit wringing my hands helplessly I've committed to helping find a cure ... by running a marathon and raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to fund research and patient services.

Monday August 28th his doctor said the most he should expect now is six months. Bill intends to FIGHT, and so do I. We need your help though! Please visit there you can donate online safely and securely. Help us find a cure.

Bakeless Bake Sale Fundraising Poem
A bit of news I have today... A BAKELESS BAKE SALE is on the way.
In these busy and hot days, who wants to bake, A pie or cookies or even a cake.
You'd be surprised if you counted the cost, of ingredients, heat, and the time you've lost.
Baking for sales is extra work. Yet nobody really wants to shirk.
So I've thought of a plan that's really grand, and feel quite sure you'll understand.
In an envelope, if you like, please include the price... of a pie or cake or anything nice.
Without fuss or bother, you've done your part. I hope you'll give with a willing heart.
Wishing success for my BAKELESS BAKE SALE, This is the end of my little tale.


Saturday, August 25, 2007

Vithan Jungle

Internal Log Entry

Tige Minton. What can I say? I would love to take him out back and beat the crap out of him. But all that would get me is a reprimand from headquarters and possibly a demotion.

He claimed that he couldn't hike into the Vithan Jungle. He stated that he would hire a pilot to take us into the jungle. I tried to tell him that as Protectors we were completely capable of avoiding man-eating vines and hostile tribes men. Would he listen? Of course not.

Tige found a perfect pilot. Neither Tige nor I have a pilot's license. So he signed out a shuttle and hired a pilot.

I should have known. Actually, I should have left the moment I discovered the criminal I was looking for was Morgan Taj Zephyrain. If she is the original, then she has been evading authorities, governments and bounty hunters for nearly...of course she couldn't be the original. She is much too young and beautiful to be the orginal.

I digress.

Tige found the perfect pilot. He was as tall as I am. A Traveler by the look of him. Black hair braided in that intricate twining they used to wear before they were outlawed. Granted Travelers make the best pilots. This one wore retro jeans and a black leather jacket. And dark glasses. Never took them off.

I should have known.

The pilot flew the shuttle like a pro. Avoided vines by flying around the tendrils, over and under the branches. Never used a flamer once. Most pilots would simply burn a path through the vines. Not this one. Real skill.

I should have known.

Another thing. The pilot drank ... alot. I have never seen anyone drink so much alcohol before. About seven bottles of very expensive whiskey. All gone in a matter of minutes. And he still managed to fly that shuttle without getting hit by a single vine.

When I got close to the pilot, I should have known. My mind began to wander dwell on things I had no business thinking on. At least not on duty.

Half way to the village, the passenger compartment of the shuttle filled with gas. Sleeping gas.
The dreams I dreamt would burn the holograms off this recorder.

Anyway, I woke up tied to a pole inside of a hut in a village. Tige was tied to another pole. The pilot was gone. So was our shuttle. A small holographic projector was set next to me.

When one of the tribesmen untied us, I played the hologram. The most sensuous, most beautiful and seductive women I have ever seen moved in ways that set my body on fire. She smiled and I wanted to...well never mind what I wanted to. Then she laughed.

"I left you alive. I'm not sure why. Maybe because I think the blond is good looking. Something about him calls to me. Maybe I'm just like a good joke. I think we will meet again. By the way, my name is Morgan Taj Zephyrain. You can tell the Protectorate that you were piloted by the infamous Morgan. If you follow me, I may not be so nice next time. After all I am known as a cold-blooded killer."

I should have known.

Len Braxton out.

Read how Len Braxton and Morgan meet in Prophecy of Vithan by Charlene Leatherman at

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Log Entry Len Braxton

Internal log entry:

Len Braxton, Master Protector Grade 14. Log Entry

I have just spent the most frustrating eight days of my life. After those imbeciles lost Morgan Taj Zephyrain and after Tige managed to assault the tour guide of StarBright Tourism Agency, I was recalled to the Galactic Council for a debriefing. Debriefing? I barely got any information. The subatomic particle of information I was able to get is she went underground into some jungle. I tried to convince the GC that holding me at headquarters was wasting precious time and she could be getting away. Would they listen? Of course not. They listened to Tige. They took his version of rebellious aliens hampering the investigation. And demanded why I didn’t torture the tourists to discover what they knew about Morgan.

That woman is becoming more trouble than she is worth.

Of course, the reward for her return is huge. More than I make in 10 years. But something about the GC’s insistence that she be returned alive bothers me. If she is that dangerous, wouldn’t dead be a better solution? And why do they insist on DNA sampling of anyone claiming to be Morgan? Granted DNA will identify anyone we capture, but there seems to be more to the request for her DNA than usual. I will have to do some investigating of my own.

I have to admit that I do not trust the GC. True I have been raised by the Protectorate and trained since I was five to be a Protector for the Galactic Council. Their methods and their politics, not to mention their quest for power, really turns my stomach.

End Internal log entry.

Begin Official Log Entry

Junior Protector Tige Minton and myself, Master Protector Len Braxton log entry.

Tige and I are initiating landing procedures into the casino district of the moon Vithan. It has been rumored that fleeing felon Morgan Taj Zephyrain was seen in the jungles of Vithan after escaping from the club Arena.

Billy, the club manager, after being released from questioning by other Protectors returned to the club and has not ventured further than his house and the club. It is suspected that he is aware of his being watched. That source of information is considered exhausted.

Tige wants to visit the casinos and question the players at the casino. I have not given the approval for such a turn in investigation. Our information states that Morgan has traveled into the jungle. We will travel by foot into the jungle. There is reported to be vegetation that is dangerous and as such we will carry hand held flame throwers. Unknown animal life. Primitive tribes would be within hiking distance. If we do not discover some semblance of proof that Morgan traveled into the jungle within the next day or so, I will officially abandon the jungle search.

According to the maps we were able to acquire there is a primitive tribe near the edge of the jungle. That is our destination for the first night. We will question the people there. (sub comment: I will not allow Tige to cause a galactic incident. The procedure will be questioning only.)

Tige Minton and I, Len Braxton, will leave for the jungle in the morning.

Log out.

End Official Long Entry

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Charlene Leatherman
Defeat the villain, Destroy the monster, Deliver the hero and never break a nail.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Len Braxton, Protector

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Please remain in your seats. I know you have the StarBright Tourist Agency apologies, and I would like to add mine.
I am Master-Grade Protector Len Braxton. This is my associate Junior-Grade Protector Tige Minton.
No, Tige, you do not need to brandish you weapon to emphasize that you are a Protector.
A-Hem, well, yes, back to what I was saying. I am Len Braxton. You may address me as Protector Braxton. I am here to interview you about the criminal Morgan Taj Zephyrain. Since you were all in the Arena at the time of the attempted capture and her subsequent escape, my associate and I will interview you about what you saw or heard. Perhaps something you were witness to, no matter how trivial, will give us an idea of where she is headed.
Tige, I said interview. That means with your mouth and a recorder. I did not say for you to invade anyone's mind. --- Yes, I understand the Protector Training Manual says that interviewing is best handled by psychic invasion. However, I am in charge in the field on this particular mission and I determine how the interviews will be handled. Now release the tour guide from your Command. No, there is no need to strip search her and there will be no rape on my watch.
Please, Ladies and Gentlemen, I realize you are from other systems and even though you are under the governing body, the Galactic Council, you may not have dealt with Protectors before. My associate is a bit overly zealous. There is no reason to fear.
Yes, Tige, you are right, no reason to fear if you are innocent. No you may not probe for guilt. Besides, probing is only done by Psys.
(I have to speak to my father about another assignment. One with no partner.)
Each interview will be recorded. Please remain in your seats. We will come to you.
Passenger Interview Alpha 435 Beta one:
My name is Hugh Trent. Yeah, I was the one she was fighting with when you Prots, uh, excuse me officer, Protectors came crashing in and interrupted our tour. Man, I would have had her if you ... Yes, sir, I will keep to the subject. No, Protector Braxton, I wasn't really fighting with her. We were in the ring using sonic weapons. The setting was on 3 so no one would get hurt.
How, the hell should I know how the setting on her sonic broadsword got to 17. I assume she switched it. No, I didn't see her switch it.
Look, Morgan is one hot broad. I don't know if she is a criminal or not. All I know is that you and that freak ... yeah, sure, I'll be respectful of the office. Your partner sure doesn't deserve my respect. Hell, look at him.
Yes sir, I was there when the other Prots, er, Protectors tried to capture Morgan. You should have been there. I thought for sure they had her dead to rights. They came in there phasers locked on kill. I figured I was dead and she was history.
You know what? She pushed me - look at me I'm a body builder. I bench 500 pounds. Seh pushed me out of the way. Well, yeah, push is the wrong term. She dropped down into a crouch and swept her leg out and BAM down I went. Then I see her swing the flattened side of the sonic broadsword over her head. Must have activated some kind of energy system in the club, cause all the audience around the ring ... yeah us tourists and everyone else ... were suddenly outside of a force field. the only ones inside were the Prots and her. They started shooting at her. She used the broadsword to block the shots. Well, I don't guess a regular sword could do that, but a sonic sword at setting 17 could. I don't know. I'm not an engineer. Anyway, she did. I have no idea how.
She blocked this one shot. Then she ran and slid on the floor toward the Prots. You should have seen their faces. It was worth a thousand creds to see their faces. She jumps up and drops the sword. Morgan knoced the phasers out of their hands and landed some good punches. I know one really stupid Prot. Well, he had to be stupid to do what he done.
He grabs her and is trying to hold her while his associates try to restrain her. Man, if I live to be 100 I will never forget that sound. What sound? Why the sound of her breaking that Prot's arm. She moved in ways I never saw before. Some kind of really slick martial arts. Anyway, I hear this sickening crack and the Prot go all green. The other Prots call for back up.
All of a sudden, she looks up and sees us. Everyone standing outside of the field. Her face goes all concerned. Like she doesn't care about the fight at all. She is more concerned about us than fighting for her life. Wierd, huh?
That's when she shouts. She hollars to some guy named Billy. She yells one word. "Jungle."
She raised her wrist to her mouth and evidently spoke into some com-link. All of a sudden a sklight opens in the roof. A ladder comes from someplace. No, I told you I was outside of the force field. If I had been inside, I would have kicked some Prot butt. You got no right treating people the way you do.
No. I think I suddenly got a case of amnesia.
End Interview.

Be sure to read Prophecy of Vithan by Charlene Leatherman. Available at Cerridwen Press.

Monday, August 6, 2007

We interrupt this tour --

It's me, Charlene Leatherman. I had to jump in here.
I recieved my first review for Prophecy of Vithan. It is available for sale at

You can see an interview and the whole review on Anny Cook's blog at She also has the Crazy Serial Blog going on. You have got to visit and see what is going on with Emmiline and her vibrating peeler.

Here's part of what she said about my book:

Morgan, Len, and the rest catch you up in their twisting, turning struggles to defeat the bad guys, rescue the good guys, and live to tell about it. Just when you think you know everything, have figured it all out, there’s another turn or twist and you find yourself in a new surreal landscape with a new set of difficulties.

It’s been a while since I’ve met such an inventive, likeable cast of characters in one book. And the plot is so intricate and multi-layered that you race through the pages, anxious to see how Charlene will tie it all together! No, I’m not going to tell you any of the story. That would be a spoiler and I’m not fond of spoilers. I’ll just say that you need to run right out and get your copy of Prophecy of Vithan from Cerridwen Press. The warrior woman, Morgan, and her man, Len, are not to be missed!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Virgina calls home.

Mom? Yeah, this is Virginia. I am having so much fun on the tour. Yes, mama, I am behaving myself. Yes, I am learning a whole bunch. I ask questions and everybody answers.
Guess what? Morgan Zephyrain (un-huh, the one from the novel Prophecy of Vithan. Yeah, the one you bought from took us to go see the 23 Falls and the volcano. Then she took us to her club The Arena. It was really fun. I played some games. I got to do a holodeck game with some other kids. One kid had tentacles. He tried to cheat. But I wouldn't let him. There were 6 of us kids and we were playing Trazen dodgeball. He tried to throw eight balls at the same time. I told him that was cheating. Well, anyway, he didn't win and neither did I. Some little girl (littler than me) named Sylthe won.
Then I went and climbed the Wall. It was really neat. Some of the grown ups got upset. It was funny. You see, the wal sort of knew what you were doing. So when you took ahold of a rock the rock sunk in and came out some where else. Lots of grown ups fell off. It was okay though, cause they wore harnesses.
Then I got to go into the ring with Morgan herself. She let me hold a sonic sword. She called it a broadsword. It was real heavy. But it was okay mama. It was on a setting that didn't cut me. Morgan showed me how to hold it and even let me fight with her. Of course, I just banged her sword a couple of times. Then I had to leave but I got to watch her really fight against some grown ups. One man, he was real big and had lots of muscles, thought he could beat Morgan. He bragged alot. Morgan just smiled and it was so great. She beat him into the ground.
Not really, mama. But she sure beat him good.
No. I'm not at the club now. We had to leave.
The Protectors came and tried to arrest Morgan. She flipped the switch on the broadsword and fought like hell. I'm sorry mama. I heard one of the grown ups say that. She fought real hard and got away.
It was real exciting.
Yes, mama, I will try to get some sleep. No, mama, I don't know where we are going tomorrow. One of the moons I think. I can get the holographic tour book if you want me to. I think it is under the seat in the shuttle. Maybe some candy and some soda dropped on it. Oh, okay, I won't get it. I will let you tomorrow morning when Maggie tells us where we are going.
Nite Mama.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Morgan Takes Us to see the Sonij Volcano

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Thank you for your patience. Granted the quarantine lasted a bit longer than we anticipated, but everything is fine now. Hope you enjoyed the classic movies. I can never watch that Potter kid too often.
Morgan has obtained the needed permits to take us to the volcano on Sonij. That is where we will meet her. If you will turn on your view screens you will see the volcano up ahead.

Good Morning, everyone. Again, let me intorduce myself, just in case the Galactic Flu caused short term amnesia. I am Morgan Taj Zephyrain. I am the featured character in the novel Prophecy of Vithan. (By the way, Charlene Leatherman has asked me to tell you that the novel is now available to purchase at

Now, if you will follow me outside of the shuttle, we will go to the edge of the volcano. Yes, sir. It is very safe. Very astute, Virginia. You do feel cold not heat. Yes, Virginia, I am putting on a breather mask.
The Sonij volcano is the only oxygen spewing volcano in the galaxy. At least the only one found so far. No, ma'am. Do not remove your protective suit. The alcohol atmosphere is still surrounding the volcano. You will still be in danger. I am putting a breathe mask on because, even though I drink alcohol to fill my breathing receptacle, being close to the edge of the volcano would put me in a pure oxygen enviornment. I would be in a bad way at that point.

Please feel free to wander around the volcano. Just don't fall in. If you do, well, I can rescue you but I would rather spend my time at the Arena, letting you play at climbing walls instead of having to crawl into an active volcano rescuing a dumb tourist. Yes, Virginia, if you fall in then you are definitely a dumb tourist.

Yes sir, if you would like to go to the Arena now, as long as your fellow companions agree, we can go. Yes, ma'am. Children are welcome. You are all ready to go to the club? Great. Maggie if you will take your people back to the shuttle. I will get in my skiff and follow you to the moon Vithan and meet you at the club.