Friday, June 1, 2007

Helping Fellow Author LL Rucker

For the last few weeks I have been so busy promoting other's books that I had seriously neglected any promotion of my own novel, "Dark Ridge". Honestly, you can't sell a book that no one knows exists, right? Right. So, I am including a brief synopsis of "Dark Ridge" for your consideration. For those of you who are totally into love stories, or romances, then "Dark Ridge" might not be your cuppa, although there is some romance in the book. "Dark Ridge" is a drama, with a bit of history and suspense thrown in. I hope you all will consider it the next time you want to buy a book. To purchase a copy of "Dark Ridge" please go to,, or order it at any online book retailer or brick and mortar bookstores nationwide.


In 1948, the mountains of eastern Tennessee were peaceful, but undergoing signs of progress with the encroachment of the lumber mills. On a cool, crisp October morning, seventeen year old Lonnie Patterson and his younger brother, Bo stumble upon a nude and near dead young woman on the back side of Dark Ridge. That discovery sends the Patterson family and the rest of the residents of Dark Ridge into a nightmare of murder and insanity. Convinced that she must lie to protect herself from her father’s wrath, sixteen year old Molly Matthews lies to Sheriff Amos Quimby about the true identity of her attacker. She names Lonnie Patterson, and as sheriff, Amos has no choice but to arrest the terrified young man. But, Amos is certain that there is more to young Molly’s story and he sets out to prove Lonnie is innocent. Molly soon comes to regret her lie, and when she discovers she is pregnant, she decides the truth must come out. When she tries to tell her father that her attacker was not Lonnie Patterson, Harlan Matthews erupts into a furious rage and begins beating Molly. Mary, Harlan’s wife hurries to her daughter’s defense Harlan turns his brutality on her, beating her. Lying helpless on the floor, Mary watches in horror as Harlan once again turns his fury on her daughter. Terrified for her daughter’s life, and determined to put an end to the abuse Molly has suffered her entire life, Mary blurts out a dark secret. Harlan is stunned by the revelation of his wife. In a fury he races from the room only to return moments later with a gun. Calmly, he puts a bullet in Mary’s brain, and then turns the gun on a terrified Molly, who runs for her life, straight to Sheriff Quimby. Amos now has a murderer on the loose and he knows in his heart that Harlan has gone up to Dark Ridge, and Amos must face a blinding snow storm to try and stop the madman from killing again. Harlan begins his murderous rampage by killing Tip Preston, but his intended victim is Molly. Finding Molly at Granny Ketchum’s where Amos secreted her, Harlan holds the two terrified women at knife point. When Amos rushes in, gun in hand, his fingers are numb from the cold, and when the gun flies out of his hand, Harlan attacks. As the two men fight for their lives, Molly picks up Amos’ gun and pulls the trigger. When the sun finally rises, Dark Ridge and the folks who live there are forever changed.

I hope this synopsis has piqued your curiosity enough to want to buy the book. I am also looking for any reviews of this book, so if you buy it and read it, please drop me a line. If you hated it, say so, and if you loved it, hey that's a definite plus!!!

Thanks Y'all, LL Rucker

And remember that Sandy Lender will visit here on June 11 on a leg of her Virtual Blog Tour.

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