Saturday, August 25, 2007

Vithan Jungle

Internal Log Entry

Tige Minton. What can I say? I would love to take him out back and beat the crap out of him. But all that would get me is a reprimand from headquarters and possibly a demotion.

He claimed that he couldn't hike into the Vithan Jungle. He stated that he would hire a pilot to take us into the jungle. I tried to tell him that as Protectors we were completely capable of avoiding man-eating vines and hostile tribes men. Would he listen? Of course not.

Tige found a perfect pilot. Neither Tige nor I have a pilot's license. So he signed out a shuttle and hired a pilot.

I should have known. Actually, I should have left the moment I discovered the criminal I was looking for was Morgan Taj Zephyrain. If she is the original, then she has been evading authorities, governments and bounty hunters for nearly...of course she couldn't be the original. She is much too young and beautiful to be the orginal.

I digress.

Tige found the perfect pilot. He was as tall as I am. A Traveler by the look of him. Black hair braided in that intricate twining they used to wear before they were outlawed. Granted Travelers make the best pilots. This one wore retro jeans and a black leather jacket. And dark glasses. Never took them off.

I should have known.

The pilot flew the shuttle like a pro. Avoided vines by flying around the tendrils, over and under the branches. Never used a flamer once. Most pilots would simply burn a path through the vines. Not this one. Real skill.

I should have known.

Another thing. The pilot drank ... alot. I have never seen anyone drink so much alcohol before. About seven bottles of very expensive whiskey. All gone in a matter of minutes. And he still managed to fly that shuttle without getting hit by a single vine.

When I got close to the pilot, I should have known. My mind began to wander dwell on things I had no business thinking on. At least not on duty.

Half way to the village, the passenger compartment of the shuttle filled with gas. Sleeping gas.
The dreams I dreamt would burn the holograms off this recorder.

Anyway, I woke up tied to a pole inside of a hut in a village. Tige was tied to another pole. The pilot was gone. So was our shuttle. A small holographic projector was set next to me.

When one of the tribesmen untied us, I played the hologram. The most sensuous, most beautiful and seductive women I have ever seen moved in ways that set my body on fire. She smiled and I wanted to...well never mind what I wanted to. Then she laughed.

"I left you alive. I'm not sure why. Maybe because I think the blond is good looking. Something about him calls to me. Maybe I'm just like a good joke. I think we will meet again. By the way, my name is Morgan Taj Zephyrain. You can tell the Protectorate that you were piloted by the infamous Morgan. If you follow me, I may not be so nice next time. After all I am known as a cold-blooded killer."

I should have known.

Len Braxton out.

Read how Len Braxton and Morgan meet in Prophecy of Vithan by Charlene Leatherman at

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