Saturday, August 4, 2007

Virgina calls home.

Mom? Yeah, this is Virginia. I am having so much fun on the tour. Yes, mama, I am behaving myself. Yes, I am learning a whole bunch. I ask questions and everybody answers.
Guess what? Morgan Zephyrain (un-huh, the one from the novel Prophecy of Vithan. Yeah, the one you bought from took us to go see the 23 Falls and the volcano. Then she took us to her club The Arena. It was really fun. I played some games. I got to do a holodeck game with some other kids. One kid had tentacles. He tried to cheat. But I wouldn't let him. There were 6 of us kids and we were playing Trazen dodgeball. He tried to throw eight balls at the same time. I told him that was cheating. Well, anyway, he didn't win and neither did I. Some little girl (littler than me) named Sylthe won.
Then I went and climbed the Wall. It was really neat. Some of the grown ups got upset. It was funny. You see, the wal sort of knew what you were doing. So when you took ahold of a rock the rock sunk in and came out some where else. Lots of grown ups fell off. It was okay though, cause they wore harnesses.
Then I got to go into the ring with Morgan herself. She let me hold a sonic sword. She called it a broadsword. It was real heavy. But it was okay mama. It was on a setting that didn't cut me. Morgan showed me how to hold it and even let me fight with her. Of course, I just banged her sword a couple of times. Then I had to leave but I got to watch her really fight against some grown ups. One man, he was real big and had lots of muscles, thought he could beat Morgan. He bragged alot. Morgan just smiled and it was so great. She beat him into the ground.
Not really, mama. But she sure beat him good.
No. I'm not at the club now. We had to leave.
The Protectors came and tried to arrest Morgan. She flipped the switch on the broadsword and fought like hell. I'm sorry mama. I heard one of the grown ups say that. She fought real hard and got away.
It was real exciting.
Yes, mama, I will try to get some sleep. No, mama, I don't know where we are going tomorrow. One of the moons I think. I can get the holographic tour book if you want me to. I think it is under the seat in the shuttle. Maybe some candy and some soda dropped on it. Oh, okay, I won't get it. I will let you tomorrow morning when Maggie tells us where we are going.
Nite Mama.

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