Thursday, August 2, 2007

Morgan Takes Us to see the Sonij Volcano

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Thank you for your patience. Granted the quarantine lasted a bit longer than we anticipated, but everything is fine now. Hope you enjoyed the classic movies. I can never watch that Potter kid too often.
Morgan has obtained the needed permits to take us to the volcano on Sonij. That is where we will meet her. If you will turn on your view screens you will see the volcano up ahead.

Good Morning, everyone. Again, let me intorduce myself, just in case the Galactic Flu caused short term amnesia. I am Morgan Taj Zephyrain. I am the featured character in the novel Prophecy of Vithan. (By the way, Charlene Leatherman has asked me to tell you that the novel is now available to purchase at

Now, if you will follow me outside of the shuttle, we will go to the edge of the volcano. Yes, sir. It is very safe. Very astute, Virginia. You do feel cold not heat. Yes, Virginia, I am putting on a breather mask.
The Sonij volcano is the only oxygen spewing volcano in the galaxy. At least the only one found so far. No, ma'am. Do not remove your protective suit. The alcohol atmosphere is still surrounding the volcano. You will still be in danger. I am putting a breathe mask on because, even though I drink alcohol to fill my breathing receptacle, being close to the edge of the volcano would put me in a pure oxygen enviornment. I would be in a bad way at that point.

Please feel free to wander around the volcano. Just don't fall in. If you do, well, I can rescue you but I would rather spend my time at the Arena, letting you play at climbing walls instead of having to crawl into an active volcano rescuing a dumb tourist. Yes, Virginia, if you fall in then you are definitely a dumb tourist.

Yes sir, if you would like to go to the Arena now, as long as your fellow companions agree, we can go. Yes, ma'am. Children are welcome. You are all ready to go to the club? Great. Maggie if you will take your people back to the shuttle. I will get in my skiff and follow you to the moon Vithan and meet you at the club.

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