Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Log Entry Len Braxton

Internal log entry:

Len Braxton, Master Protector Grade 14. Log Entry

I have just spent the most frustrating eight days of my life. After those imbeciles lost Morgan Taj Zephyrain and after Tige managed to assault the tour guide of StarBright Tourism Agency, I was recalled to the Galactic Council for a debriefing. Debriefing? I barely got any information. The subatomic particle of information I was able to get is she went underground into some jungle. I tried to convince the GC that holding me at headquarters was wasting precious time and she could be getting away. Would they listen? Of course not. They listened to Tige. They took his version of rebellious aliens hampering the investigation. And demanded why I didn’t torture the tourists to discover what they knew about Morgan.

That woman is becoming more trouble than she is worth.

Of course, the reward for her return is huge. More than I make in 10 years. But something about the GC’s insistence that she be returned alive bothers me. If she is that dangerous, wouldn’t dead be a better solution? And why do they insist on DNA sampling of anyone claiming to be Morgan? Granted DNA will identify anyone we capture, but there seems to be more to the request for her DNA than usual. I will have to do some investigating of my own.

I have to admit that I do not trust the GC. True I have been raised by the Protectorate and trained since I was five to be a Protector for the Galactic Council. Their methods and their politics, not to mention their quest for power, really turns my stomach.

End Internal log entry.

Begin Official Log Entry

Junior Protector Tige Minton and myself, Master Protector Len Braxton log entry.

Tige and I are initiating landing procedures into the casino district of the moon Vithan. It has been rumored that fleeing felon Morgan Taj Zephyrain was seen in the jungles of Vithan after escaping from the club Arena.

Billy, the club manager, after being released from questioning by other Protectors returned to the club and has not ventured further than his house and the club. It is suspected that he is aware of his being watched. That source of information is considered exhausted.

Tige wants to visit the casinos and question the players at the casino. I have not given the approval for such a turn in investigation. Our information states that Morgan has traveled into the jungle. We will travel by foot into the jungle. There is reported to be vegetation that is dangerous and as such we will carry hand held flame throwers. Unknown animal life. Primitive tribes would be within hiking distance. If we do not discover some semblance of proof that Morgan traveled into the jungle within the next day or so, I will officially abandon the jungle search.

According to the maps we were able to acquire there is a primitive tribe near the edge of the jungle. That is our destination for the first night. We will question the people there. (sub comment: I will not allow Tige to cause a galactic incident. The procedure will be questioning only.)

Tige Minton and I, Len Braxton, will leave for the jungle in the morning.

Log out.

End Official Long Entry

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