Friday, April 25, 2008

What if you were the artist?

Imagine if you will, you are the artist given the job of designing a cover for Stone of Cruento. You have to create a cover that represents the story line. One that shows the potential reader something about the heroine and the world she exists in.
Now, try to imagine what you would design to picture this:
Claren is a young woman who has grown up as a normal Earth girl. You know, boyfriends, college, a good career, a lover and prospects of marriage. Then she is bitten by a vampire, but she doesn't become a normal vampire. She can go out in the daylight, although she does burn badly. She can eat garlic, go to church, and has no problem with crosses or holy water. She can eat regular food but it is blood that sustains her. She is stronger than humans and has many of the "normal" attributes of the real vampires. She is guarded by an ogre.
Then she discovers that she is from another planet. And she has been sired by centaurs. In fact, she is a centaur.
Now as the artist, how do you convey that?
Well, that is what I have put the artists of Cerridwen Press through. Stone of Cruento is on the Coming Soon page, but with only a place holder. The artists are still struggling with the concept of a vampire centaur from Earth. Whatever they come up with, I am sure it will be phenomenal. After all considering the fantastic cover they designed for Prophecy of Vithan, how could I doubt their talents?

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