Saturday, April 12, 2008

Was today a good day?

Today I finished the cleaning of the yard. this evening I had to make a cake for a goodbye party we are having for a friend who is moving away. I am not the best of cooks, in fact, when I suggest that I cook for my sons, they take me out to dinner. My hubby used to say that I made great cajun water - in other words I burned water really well. So anyway, I was making this package cake. No problem. Baked fine, perfect in fact. Then its time to put the frosting on. I am tired and not thinking clearly so I start frosting the cake. Its a two layer 13 in x 9 in oblong cake. First layer frosted just fine. Second layer frosting goes on. The cake splits down the middle and both sides are sliding off the edges. White frosting all over everything. I hollar for help. Aunt Charlene (90 years old) comes hobbling back into the kitchen. She says she was tempted to call 911 cause she thought I had burned myself or fallen and broke a leg. (that kind of emergency is normal around here with Ken a quadriplegic and Charlene falling and breaking bones) She comes into the kitchen and sees this cake escaping off the counter and me all covered in white frosting. She starts laughing so hard I thought she was going to fall down. I grab her. Now she is covered with frosting. We both are laughing so hard we cry. The result? The broken, cracked up mutilated cake has a sign on it that says "We are all broken up about Bobby leaving."I guess today was okay after all.

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