Sunday, November 4, 2007

Word count and excerpt of Saturday's work

Word count Saturday was miserable only 584. Here is what I wrote:“As I said, we have to have all the stones. Since Tina found the ruby, we should be able to get the stones from the pastor, so that is no problem.
“The Guardians can heal Bel. They can not bring someone back from near death. Bel,” Claren swallowed hard. “That is where Bel’s condition stands. He is near death. The Guardians also can’t stop Chaoun without Bel and the twenty-fifth Guardian. It has to be a full complement, all of them, all twenty-four plus one more.
“Since I am now Ancient,” Claren looked at the confused looks of Daniel and Tina. She half-shrugged. “Panniyah’s blood has added another chain of DNA to my makeup. I am a carrier of every specie’s DNA know to Cruento.
“Anyway, I am crucial to the Guardians in their effort to bring Bel back to health. Once Bel is healed then the Guardians and the twenty-fifth Guardian,” Claren continued.
“You mentioned the twenty-fifth Guardian several times. Who or what is that?” Daniel asked.
“I don’t know. Aintin said that the twenty-fifth Guardian would be revealed in time.”
“So how does this all keep you from marrying me?” Daniel asked.
Claren took a deep breath.
“The constraints. Stupid rules that have to be followed and are so bizarre I don’t think they can be. That means Bel is going to die,” Claren shuddered as the tears tried to come out. She sniffled and wiped her eyes with the heel of her hand.
“For the Guardians to be able to use my genetic material to heal Belgretor I have to be married to him. To be married to Bel, I have to first be married to his brother. But the Guardians were all created at the same time, sort of like clones. As far as I know, Bel doesn’t have a brother.”
Daniel opened his mouth to speak. Claren raised her hand to stop him.
“There’s more. To marry Belgretor I have to be introduced to the Guardians by my mother and I have to have permission from the Spirit of Cruento but Krisiries can’t be in both roles.”
“Krisiries?” Tina asked.
“Remember how we used to joke about being aliens since we never really fit in?” Claren asked. Tina nodded. “Seems I am an alien. Krisiries is my biological mother. I’m an alien and also a centaur. Yeah, the half-horse kind of centaur.
“Once everything is in place and assuming that Chaoun has not dismembered our universe, then the Guardians will find their twenty-fifth counterpoint and destroy Chaoun.
“If I had just told Geoffrey to stuff it and went home like Belgretor wanted, this would never be happening,” Claren said. She started crying. Daniel held her close and stroked her hair.
“It’s not as bad as you think,” Daniel began. “I am Belgretor’s blood brother. So was Jamros. Krisiries performed the ceremony.”
“Brother? I don’t understand. Why?” Claren asked looking intently at Daniel.
“We all love you. We couldn’t agree on who would court you. Being guys, the tendency was to fight it out over you. Bel rightly said that neither Jamros nor I would have a chance against him. Krisiries offered the solution. She said we could all have you, be married to you if we were brothers. Some Cruentoan law made it legal.”
“The dreams?” Claren said breathless.
Daniel pulled Claren close. He crushed her mouth to his. Claiming her with his tongue, Daniel cupped her breast with his hand unmindful of the young woman sitting beside them.

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