Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Welcome Dyan Garris

WELCOME Dyan Garris to the blog on her Virtual Book Tour.

She has graciously agreed to an interview.

Hello Charlene. Here are the answers to your questions for the interview:

1) If you could start over with your writing career, what if anything would you change?
In high school and college when others cringed regarding creative writing assignments, I embraced them completely. I viewed writing as an interesting and effective way to create and communicate. If I could change anything, I would have perhaps written historical romance or mystery novels. I always appreciate a good story.

2) What was the best piece of advice you received regarding the life of a writer?
The best piece of advice I received regarding anything was from my mother and it was that I have the ability to create anything that I want if I hold myself responsible and accountable for creating it.

3) If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would it be?
I would like to meet everyone and anyone that I could because I believe that we learn something valuable from everyone. I am fascinated by what is on the inside of people and interested in what makes them unique. I am interested in the perceptions and ideas of others. There is so much to learn! I think Mother Theresa would have been a very interesting person to have been able to visit with. She had so much wisdom and compassion.

4) If you could meet any fictional character, who would it be?
I would like to meet Captain Kirk or Doctor Who. Imagine the interesting stories of life they would be able to tell!

5) In the next century, what do you hope people will remember you for?
I hope that people would remember the loving vibration that hopefully shines through my words, music and books. Someone told me once that the thing people remember most about you is the way you made them feel.

6) How do you balance your personal and writing time?
To me, so much is about rhythm and timing and balance. I like to adhere to a schedule, yet remain flexible enough to go with whatever comes along. So, I usually have a good idea of how I want my day to show up. Organization and setting priorities are key for me. But then I like to factor in the mood of the day and the unexpected elements that may crop up. If I need personal time during the day, I make time for it. If I feel I must write during the middle of the night, I do it. I find life easier if one simply goes with the flow and respects and honors their unique rhythms.

7) How do you write? Do your characters come to you first or the plot or the world of the story?
Whatever I write is based upon real life experiences. I weave real life into stories for teaching purposes. For example, I wrote a short story called, "Fish Tale of Woe - Lost at Sea." The plot is based upon people I have met and experiences that I've had or observed in real life. There is always a teaching element involved. The story always has a deeper meaning designed to teach the reader something valuable and about life. It is meant to be a catalyst to deeper examination of the reader's own life. In my cookbook I wrote twelve food related stories or messages. One of those is, "Johnny and Susie - Ode to Popcorn." This was based upon a story that my grandmother used to tell us, which really was rather a non-story in actuality. So wanting to honor her I simply embellished a bit. I based the character of Susie on a person that I knew in childhood. The plot is based on an event that really happened. It is a story about how two people can have an almost identical experience - in this case the experience was about learning how to make popcorn - and how circumstances and reactions and perceptions can have a quite different, life altering and lasting effect. I wove that all together and in the end, in addition to challenging me to look at the deeper meaning of things, it also made me laugh and that is always good! I also write a daily message on my website, which is meant to inspire and help the reader delve into the more mysterious and esoteric areas of life. It challenges one to examine their thinking and perceptions.

8) What genre(s) do you write? Why do you write the stories that you write?
I write fiction which is really non-fiction. It is based upon truths. I like to write short stories. I like to write messages that inspire the reader to grow and learn and think.

9) Out of all the characters that you've written, who is your favorite and why?
I don't really have characters per se because I'm writing mostly messages that are non-fiction. I like the mother in the Johnny and Susie story because when faced with a choice she inspired her child to grow and learn from experience, thus leading to an awesome adult. It could have gone either way, based on certain choices made in certain moments.

10) If you were writing a script for the big screen, who would you want to act in your movie?
Anyone who can make me laugh and make me cry, as well. Anyone who can naturally express the gamut of emotions that is the full range of being alive.

11) What would you want readers to take away from your books?
I would like my readers to take with them the feeling of satisfaction that comes with learning something new and applying it in a positive way that makes a difference in their lives.

12) Do you have any advice for beginning writers in regards to writing a book?
My advice is to focus, get and stay organized, have a plan, and keep a good solid vision of what you want to accomplish and what you want to impart.

13) Where can readers buy a copy of your book?

http://www.voiceoftheangels.com/page/65 or http://www.amazon.com/Voice-Angels-Cookbook-Talk-Intuitive-Cooking/dp/0977614026

14) What other projects are you working on right now?
I just finished my eleventh New Age music CD in my relaxation series for vibrational attunement of mind, body, and spirit. It's called "Release." I just finished "The Book of Daily Channeled Messages," which is a compilation of 180 inspirational messages from the last year. I am almost done with a line of greeting cards that are different, deep, and inspiring. I'm in the beginning stages of creating a meditation journal. I'm toying with the idea of doing another CD. It's always nice to have music to cook by!

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