Saturday, October 27, 2007

Nadia Aidan

Nadia Aidan
Nadia Aidan is visiting my blogs on Monday October 29th. She is touring on a Virtual Book Tour talking about her new release Enthralled.
She describes herself as "Nadia Aidan is an irreverent erotic romance novelist who loves pushing the envelope. "
Drop by and see why Night Owl Romance says
"Enthralled is an off world erotic romance. Think barbarians and amazons and how these two will clash. On the planet of Akkadia a King rules… He has 3 brothers and one sister. His father was a warmonger, but King Ares sees a different future for his world. He has a solution to stop the bloodshed. His people have been at war with the Amazon women and it's time for that to end.On the world of Kush, Queen Candace rules and her warrior women respect and follow her. She has been raised to not need a man, but something is missing from her life. She has not birthed any children. The doctor's say she is medically fine. Her mother has passed away and Candace believes that change is also needed, but she is unsure what to do.King Ares calls a secret meeting with Queen Candace. To end the war they will marry and provide a united front. A simple solution to a huge problem, right! Well it's not that simple and Ares and Candace will have to find a way for both of them to keep the respect of their people and also to follow the emotions they have for each other.Enthralled is the first book in Nadia Aidan's The Divine Series. Nadia easily drew me in from the beginning. The story was interesting and rich with emotion. I came to know many characters and very quickly. In many books when an author tries to put in a huge group of people it just does not work, but Ms. Aidan was able to do it beautifully. Along those same lines all the secondary characters were so interesting that I can't wait to read their stories. Enthralled was a wonderfully sexy glimpse into another world and how its people are dealing with the transition of war to peace, love and acceptance."

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