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4 Steaming Cups from Coffee Time Romance

Author: Charlene Leatherman
Publisher: Cerridwen Press
Genre: Romance, Futuristic
Publication date: August, 2007
ISBN: 9781419910135
Pages: 275


4 Steaming Cups equal
Outstanding Great Read
This is a very outstanding book you would like to keep to read again in the future.
See why Coffee Time Romances Liadan gave Prophecy of Vithan 4 Steaming Cups and says:
The future world in this book is both foreign and unlike anything I have ever read and absolutely amazing. Morgan is the tough woman she needs to be, but has a softer side that she hides very well. Len wants to protect her and love her but wars with himself and with his orders over what to do about Morgan. The struggle and the pain that are encountered in this book is true of everyday life and that is what makes this story so 'down to earth'. Ms. Leatherman is an author to keep your eye on for more exciting work down the road.
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Morgan scouted the aisles. The store was nearly empty, in the early morning. Morgan found a side door, opening it slightly. Patrol cars lined the street and parked along the alley. When the Protectors arrived they would be charging in, phasers blazing. Morgan noticed an old fashioned ladder assembly to the roof of the building next door. Morgan jerked her head up as the distinctive siren of a Protector's car came closer. No time to use the mainframe.Morgan stormed to the front of the store. The toy phaser pointed ahead of her. She pointed the phaser at Len's head."All right Prot, I know you and your friends are after me. Come away from the manager. You're going to be my hostage." Morgan shouted loud enough for the patrols to hear outside.Len looked quizzically at Morgan. "What?""Get over here, or I'll blow you away!" Morgan waved the phaser so no one would get a clear view of the toy. "Put your hands in the air, all of you. You, manager, end the call. Everybody on the floor." Patrons and the cashier dropped to the floor. The old lady struggled to get to her knees. "Nobody gets hurt. You, old lady. Yeah, you. You go out front. Tell the patrols Morgan Taj di Sonij has a prot hostage. Tell them if they come in here I'll kill everyone." The old lady, thankful to be away from the scary situation, hurried out the front door.Len put his hands on the back of his head, fingers laced. The manager spoke quickly into the vid-phone, as Morgan knew he would. Morgan knew patrol procedures well. The patrolmen would not fire or storm the store until the Protectors arrived. In a hostage situation, even Protectors hesitated. The old woman's warning would stop any early attack. By giving away her presence, Morgan saved the people in the store.Len placed himself between her and the view of the others."What are you doing?" Len whispered."You've been set up. You’re marked as a Rogue Protector. Your buddies are on the way, with orders to kill you and me.""But my father…""Is either in on it or controlled." Morgan hissed. "I know you prots are armed." Morgan changed her voice to a shout.. "Give me your phaser, now." Len reached into his holosuit and pulled out his phaser. He handed it to Morgan. Morgan roughly shoved Len ahead of her. "Out in front. You're going to be my shield."Everybody in the store was on the floor, face down. Morgan could hear the patrolmen calling with the megaphone telling her to surrender. She shoved Len toward the side door. Morgan tucked the toy phaser in her pocket. She waved the real phaser at Len."Be careful, that one is real." Len whispered. He cringed as the phaser swung close to his head. "Where are we going?""The metal ladder against the wall in back. While we're climbing, I'll creat a distraction. You contact Hildai. We need transportation. Get her to send a car to the roof."Morgan, with the phaser pointed at Len, kicked open the door. Patrolmen crouched behind the open doors of their cars. Cars floated a few inches above the ground blocking the end of the alley. The ladder to the roof of the building next door remained clear."Get back!" With one hand, Morgan held the phaser to Len's head. With the other hand, she held his collar and shoved him forward. She wanted the patrolmen to believe he was a hostage, not a willing participant. "I'll kill this Prot if any of you move." Morgan walked Len to the ladder. Morgan motioned for Len to start climbing the ladder. As he climbed, he accessed Hildai on his com-link. He whispered in his request for a car to hone in on his signal. Morgan started climbing the ladder after Len was part way to the roof. She turned and fired the phaser into one of the cars.The car exploded into flames. Billowing smoke filled the alley. The patrolmen scattered. Morgan and Len climbed to the roof. Two Protectors climbing the opposite side of the building crested the roof as Morgan came to the top. Len bent to help Morgan. One of the Protectors pointed a phaser at them. He fired. The phaser blast exploded on the metal ladder. Morgan pulled her hand back to keep from getting hit. She lost her balance. Len grabbed her holosuit and pulled her over the edge of the roof. He and Morgan landed on his back on the roof. Their eyes met for an instance. Fire and electricity passed between them. Another phaser shot hit nearby. Morgan rolled and shot at the Protector. The Prot dodged behind a cooler vent. A second Protector rushed at Len. Len rolled away, getting to his feet. He punched the man in the ribs. The officer punched at Len. Len blocked the punch and hit the man on the jaw. The man fell back. Another Protector took up the fight with Len. The Protector behind the cooler vent shot at Morgan. She returned fire. The phaser shot sparked against the metal.A patrol car landed on the roof kicking up dust and gravel from the roof. Morgan tensed, ready to shoot."This is the only car I could access." Hildai's voice intoned from Len's com-link.Len slammed his fist into the Protector fighting with him. "Come on!" Len called to Morgan as the man collapsed. The patrol car door opened. Morgan jumped into the car behind Len. He sat at the wheel. He put the car in gear and sped away.Morgan sat in the copilot seat. She triggered an electric shock blast to the roof. The blast knocked the patrolmen and the remaining Protectors unconscious. The resulting EMT blast disabled the patrol and Protector cars.Len flipped on the siren. Rescue vehicles landed near the burning cars. Ambulances and troop cars sounded their sirens as they came to rescue civilians from the vines and to stop looters. The patrol car Len and Morgan rode in became another in many cars above the city. The car passed unnoticed through the chaos toward the edge of the dome. "How do we get out of here? We have to get to the Temple? Which way?" Len asked."By the casino, a membrane you pass through." Morgan answered. She could feel her chest tightening."Looks like the patrols are too busy to chase us." Len guided the shuttle toward the casino. Even from the distance, Morgan could see ships going through a membrane of the eco-dome, like going through a soap bubble."Do we get clearance or something?" Len asked. "Not many want to leave the dome. The line is short. Wait your turn, then go through. Press the nose of the car to the membrane and push. The membrane will give and let you out. Watch the vines. They try to capture ships leaving the dome." Morgan said."Vines?" Len asked."Haven't you seen the vines chasing the people?" Len shook his head. "The membrane is by the casino to provide entertainment for the tourists. They love to watch the vines crush a ship and eat the passengers.""Eat the passengers?" Len said, pulling the car into line."The Vithan plant life is carnivorous." Morgan smiled weakly."I heard the plant life is carnivorous, but I thought it meant eating bugs or something." Len gave Morgan a dirty look as she snickered. "Do you mind if I tell you are beautiful in this early dawn light?"Morgan glanced at her reflection in the glass. The early dawn light reflected on her pale skin. Her reflection seemed paler than normal, almost opalescent. A symptom of low blood alcohol."I don't mind. Maybe you're right about not being followed." Morgan said with a sigh.Len positioned the craft directly in front of the membrane. One car remained in front of them.Len looked in the rear view mirror. Red and blue lights blinking caught Morgan's eye. The sirens started blaring behind them."Nope. They found us." Len raised the patrol car above the car attempting to pass through the membrane. "I hope this membrane thing will let two cars go at once. Hold on."Len gunned the accelerator. Morgan braced herself against the dashboard. The patrol car scraped the top of the other car. Morgan could hear the lights and the roof of the patrol car squeal as metal tore. The membrane screamed shrill high pitched ear splitting sounds as the two cars crammed into a space made for one. The car bucked against the membrane. Metal ripped as the two cars attempted to force their way through a space made for one car. Morgan leaned over the seat. She hung over the back, pulling up the cushion."What are you doing?" Len revved the engine trying to get the patrol car through the membrane."Patrol cars are equipped with a thrust booster. It's under the back seat. I can reach it." Morgan reached under the cushion to a panel of simple switches and dials. "Damn! It's written in Saroneeze.""What's written?" Len asked, using all his strength to control the bucking car."The switch labels. My Saroneeze is really bad."The patrol car jarred violently."They're shooting at us. Choose one or flip them all. It doesn't matter at this moment."Morgan considered the switches. The patrol car shuddered with another shot into its frame.Morgan closed her eyes and flipped a switch. The auxiliary sirens started blaring. Morgan grimaced as Len started cussing at her. She turned off the sirens. She flipped another switch. The patrol car shuddered then roared as the thrusters fired. The membrane groaned then screamed as if giving birth. Twin cars, almost conjoined, were delivered to Vithan. Their patrol car dashed from the membrane and headed for the dense foliage of the jungle. The other car landed near the dome by the casino. Morgan saw the owner from the back window crawl out of his car swinging his fist at the patrol car. "We may make it." Len said hopefully."They shouldn't follow us into the jungle. It's dangerous for cars without flame throwers." Morgan said. Her strength leaving. She stayed awake through force of will.A vine, thick as a man's leg, reached for the patrol car. Len turned to avoid it. The maneuver pulled the car into the open. Len gunned the car into the foliage, pushing hard against an immovable green wall. A Protector car came in line with the patrol car. Len maneuvered the car out of line of fire. Morgan fired the small phaser at the Protector. The shot did little damage. The Protectors returned fire.Morgan's side exploded with pain as her side of the car disintegrated. Len fought to control the car. She hung on tightly to keep from falling out of the car."Hang on. Damn protectors!" Len reached for Morgan, holding her in the car and tried to steer at the same time.Charlene Leatherman, Prophecy of Vithan by Cerridwen Press, released August 2, 2007Defeating the villain, destroying the monster, delivering the hero, and never breaking a nail. www.charleneleatherman.com

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