Friday, July 27, 2007

Welcome to the Star Port

Welcome to the Star Port. I hope everyone is comfortable. The seats you are in are the latest in ergonomics. The seats are also telepathically linked to your DNA so all you have to do is think about the position you want to be in and the chair will adjust automatically. (No, Virginia, you can not put the chair in that position. This is a family tour and the chairs have been programmed to respond only to G rated positions.)

I hope everyone remembered to bring their Trans-Spacial permit. In lieu of a permit, a passport will be acceptable if it has a holographic likeness of you on it. If you do not have either, please report to the Customs Robot and he will process one for you.

Some of you have requested roomier flight suits. It is not necessary. The suits are made to accommodate to your fluctuating size. Yes, the gentle creature at the back of the line. Your question, sir? Yes, sir. The suits will accommodate both tentacles and egg sacks without any problem. However, we request that you hatch the eggs in the private compartments made available as this is a family tour and the violence involved might upset the children on the trip or the passengers with weaker stomachs.

Ladies and gentlemen and others, if you will look at the view screen stations at your seat, you will see the Twin Planet System. As you will notice, the two planets Dkr and Sonij are in the center and are orbited by thirteen moons. We are far enough away from the system at this time that the orbits of the moons look like threads creating that wispy look around the planets.
As we near Sonij, the robotic stewardess will hand out some snacks. Please tell the stewardess what planet you are from so she can give you the appropriate snacks. For those of you who are feeling adventurous and want to try out snacks from another planet or galaxy, be aware that some species eat their snacks while still alive. So please be careful and do not let the snacks loose. It is terribly hard to recapture Govesterian slime worms. Please be considerate.
We are will arrive at Sonij tomorrow. Thank you for traveling with StarBright.
image is from the Hubble Telescope website.

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