Saturday, June 9, 2007

Virtual BlogTour Visit from Sandy Lender

Sandy Lender Says:

This is my pet and don't forget to come visit Monday June 11 for some fun questions on this leg of my Virtual Blog Tour.

Petri is a sun conure! He's vibrant and gorgeous (and I'm not biased at all). ;)
He taught himself to wave "goodbye" when I leave for work in the mornings. And we have a game called "I'm gonna get your toes" that we play when I'm being a bad mom and don't have time to get him out of the cage for a playdate that evening. I tell him I'm going to get his toes and he jumps up on the bars of the cage and clings to it so his toes are exposed to me, and I tickle when I pull my hand back, he pulls his whole body back...then I reach for his toes again and he puts his beak through the bars to lick my fingers...then we do this back and forth for a while, and he just squeaks and carries on like it's the grandest thing...I feel terrible because it's not really a replacement for getting to come out and play and flap around, but it's better than being ignored I guess.

He's going to be a star in June. We have his fledgling picture in the magazine I work for in the Healthy Pet column where we talk about making juices for birds.Powered by Qumana

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