Friday, February 1, 2008

Letter to My Lover

Dear Lover,

This is February. The month of Lovers. Valentine’s Day. The month of chocolates and adorable stuffed toys.
This is also a Leap Year. That means this February has 29 days.
Just like that Leap Year.
The year I almost lost you.
This year I am writing you this letter to tell you how I love you.
There is a poem that starts:
How do I love thee, let me count the way.
So here is my list of how I love thee.
I love you because when we were able to have sex you always put my pleasure first. You said my orgasms made me feel more wonderful to you. (Yeah, I know as a writer that sentence should be written better, but I reserve the right to write badly.) You always made me feel wonderful – oh, not just the orgasms part although that was phenomenal. You made me feel special. Not just a piece of meat that you used.
Granted there were days when I wanted nothing to do with you and you were persistent beyond belief. But those were the exception instead of the rule.
Even now, you rub my back to console me. You hold my hand and twirl my wedding ring around my finger at night. You still think I’m gorgeous - all 55 years, wrinkled, overweight, graying parts of me.
I love how you let me overwhelm the house with my dragon collection.
I love how you support my writing. How you put up with my wanting you to rehearse scenes of the book. How you encouraged me to submit. How you came in your wheelchair to my first book signing at the library.
Of course there was the time when you were mad at me for writing too much and I trashed 300 pages of writing. And you were happy.
But then you encouraged me to start writing again. You understood that my writing is an important part of my life. And you embraced that part of me.
I love you because you are a wonderful father. Your sons love you, respect you and think you are the best. You spent time with them. You were in agreement with me in discipline. You helped me raise some fantastic boys.
I love you because even without being able to speak, you make me laugh. When you had the ability to speak, you told the worst jokes. Frog jokes. Now, with out speech you still make me laugh. You give me a giggle when I am low.
I love you because you protected me. I love you because even now you attempt to do everything in your power to protect me.
But especially I love you because you are the man God blessed me with. You are my soul mate. And I hope I have another 5 Leap Years with you.

Happy Valentine’s Day Lover,
From Me.

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