Monday, December 31, 2007

Achieving My Dreams in 2008

Every step I take brings me closer to the realization of my dreams”
With 2007 behind us and 2008 on the horizon, it’s time to reflect on how we want the rest of our journey here on earth to go. Do we settle for letting life happen or do we take steps toward achieving our dreams? Do we think about it or do we DO it? Judi Moreo has written a book Achievement Journal. In it you are supposed to track your progress toward your dreams. Track you achievements.

This month, January of the new year 2008, as part of Judi’s Virtual Book Tour, I am supposed to let you know what I am doing to being me closer to the realization of my dreams.

My lifelong dream of being a published writer was fulfilled last year 2007 in August with the release of Prophecy of Vithan with Cerridwen Press. For 2008 I have a new dream. Not to simply be a published author, but be a prolific author.
Have you heard of the National Novel Writing Month each November? is a yearly competition with yourself to see if you can write 50,000 words in 30 days November 1 thru November 30. Last year I won, this year I didn’t. However I did start a new novel.
So to bring the dream of being a prolific writer closer to fruition I plan on running my very own personal nanowrimo each month of 2008. My goal is to write 2000 words each day. It is a daunting goal and I may not make it. But if I aim for the 2000 words I may hit 1000, or 500. It won’t matter. I will have set up a habit of writing every day in 2008 and I will be finishing novels left and right.
Another dream of mine is probably the same as 99% of the women out there. That is to lose excess weight and get this body of mine in better physical shape.
Have you ever wondered where the fat that you lose goes? I mean, if you lose something, don’t you normally want to find it again? Well, I have lost and found my weight waaaay too often. So I have come up with a solution.
I do not plan on losing weight this coming year. I plan on giving it away. To whom, you might ask. To the Hollywood stars. They are much too thin and are finally beginning to realize it. So in an attempt to bring health to those hardworking actors and actresses that have too long deprived themselves of nutrition and are now underweight, I will generously give my excess weight. I do not need thanks nor do I need to have it returned. The excess weight is a gift and not something I am lending. In fact I do not want it back.
With that in mind, the steps I am taking to get my body in healthy shape and to donate my excess weight are: 1) begin a workout program. Start slow and work up to a more active workout. I am an dyed in the wool couch potato. So I will start with being active for 10 minutes at a time and work my way up until I can do aerobics with out stopping for 30 minutes then keep up the 30 minutes a day for the rest of the year. And 2) I will change my eating habits. I know what good stuff I am supposed to eat. I just don’t do it. This year, I will make a serious effort to consciously change the way I eat. That means be aware of what I am putting in my mouth and then be just as aware of what I should put in my mouth and make the two match.
Perhaps something else I should make a dream and take steps to accomplish is to be a consistent blogger. You wonderful people come by and read my blog, so I should at least make sure you have something to read.
While I am preparing to be a consistent blogger, you can work on achieving your dreams during the year 2008. You can start that process by getting Judi’s book Achievement Journal at Have a wonderful and dream filled 2008.

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