Thursday, June 12, 2014

Book Review: See You in Hell by Demelza Carlton

Book Review: See You in Hell by Demelza Carlton



            Mel is a temp worker. She works for the “Helpful Angel’s Agency”. Her latest assignment is with HELL Corporation, (Health, Environment, Life and Lands Corporation). She is hired as an assistant to Lili, who is assistant to the CEO Luce.

            The work place is a gloomy, depressing place where the employees are dominated by Luce who rules with an iron fist and indulges in over-the-top sexual harassment. Mel just doesn’t fit in. She is sweet, helpful, industrious and immune to whatever Luce offers. Ever so slowly she begins changing the office atmosphere. Not intentionally. She simply is nice. She offers help even when not asked. She volunteers. She shares. Because of her the office has a business grade coffee maker and no longer have to endure nasty instant coffee. Valentine’s Day becomes a day of shared chocolate and sweet scented flowers instead of a day of grumbling. Even Luce, the tyrant seems to be softening.

            If this novel was nothing more than an office romance, it would be worth the read. For anyone who ever worked in a cubicle, it rings horribly, laughably true. Everything from the tooth dissolving sludge called coffee to the paper shortages. And everyone who has ever worked in corporate America surrounded by three walls that are only chest high recognizes every character in the novel, including Mel – the office saint. However, this novel has another layer. Mel is not simply a  temporary worker who is a treasure. She is an Angel, literally. Her co-workers are demonic, literally. 

            Mel has been commissioned to find out if Luce is actually Lucifer. Heaven fears that Lucifer is looking to expand his territory. She has been sanctioned to stop him any way necessary.

            Demelza Carlton writes an engaging, entertaining story. I am not one to regularly laugh at the written word. Chuckle maybe. Nod my head in agreement while I am smiling. Laugh, not so much. However, See You in Hell had me laughing. If you have ever been a “working stiff”, you will probably get a kick out of the story. If you like romance that is definitely different – not your usual ‘boy meets girl, girl falls for guy no matter what the situation, yada, yada, yada’ then you will greatly enjoy See You in Hell. If you like paranormal with a twist, you should read See You in Hell.

            In other words, read  See You in Hell by Demelza Carlton. It will be worth the time spent.

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