Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Book Review: Linked by Judy Serrano

Review: Linked by Judy Serrano
     Daphne Foster is a substitute teacher. She is faced with a rebellious, flunking student. A parent-teacher conference becomes a test of wills between a flirtatious, mob-affiliated father and Daphne who tries and fails to keep the interaction professional. The father, Charles Cross, is used to getting what he wants, when he wants it. Charles Cross wants Daphne.
     Daphne doesn’t want to jeopardize he job with violating parent/teacher relations. Yet she is drawn to Charles Cross more than she ought. She crosses the line and steps into an unfamiliar world.
     Things get complicated when the Cross mob actions tumble violently into her world. Things get even more complicated when two things happen. First, Daphne meets one of Charles’ friends and the attraction is fiercely intense. Second, she discovers neither Charles Cross nor Heathcliff Vanderpool are what they claim to be. Daphne’s life just got desperately complicated and there seems no way out.
     Judy Serrano writes a page-turning story. It is an excellent tale that combines the story of a crime-boss who demands his desires be fulfilled and the struggle people have against that type of iron-fist with an innovative twist to the paranormal. Linked is a book that will not disappoint.

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