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Book Review: NecessaryEvil of Nathan Miller by Demelza Carlton

Book Review: Necessary Evil of Nathan Miller by Demelza Carlton

necessary evil of nathan miller by demelza carlton
Book Review: Necessary Evil of Nathan Miller
Demelza Carlton
‘Returned from the dead.’ Caitlin Lockyer is a survivor of a horrendous kidnapping. She is guarded night and day. The people who kidnapped her want her back. The police and other agencies want her memories, to catch the kidnappers and to…  Newspapers, publishers and television want her story.
She wants her life back …. right after she kills the monsters that kidnapped, raped and tortured her.  Everyone wants a piece of her. The law enforcers want her memories as testimonies. Newspapers, books and television want her memories for the thrill of it. The kidnappers want her dead. The only one she can turn to is the man who found her. The man who everyone warns her away from.
Necessary Evil of Nathan Miller is the second of a trilogy. However, I found it reading very well on its own. The book is written in first person. Caitlin Lockyer tells her story. Sometimes things are clear. Sometimes they are as muddled as her brain on pain-killers. The way the book is written, in first person, makes the story more immediate, more frightening. I was captured by the book, by Caitlin Lockyer and what she survived, how she met the aftermath.
The first book of the trilogy is Nightmares of Caitlin Lockyer. From what I have read, it is from the perspective of one of the perpetrators. Having read the second book first, I may read the first simply to fill in some information. However, I REALLY want to read the third installment. Necessary Evil of Nathan Miller stands alone, in my opinion. It stands alone in a very dark, scary place. When you read it, you might want to keep the lights on.

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