Thursday, January 9, 2014

LOL and the Fruppysaurus

A lot has changed for me in 2014, already.
         Moving, Saying Goodbye to Family and Friends,
                  Saying Hello to Family
                                    Starting a New Novel

Well, that last one isn't new or a change.
So, to jump start the year, I signed up for a Journal Prompt thingy.
It is called -- 2014 January Journaling with Kiala Givehand.

Of course, I'm late in starting. (Can't change too much. It would be too shocky to the system.)

Today's prompt  is LOL.

What makes me laugh.  
We took my grandson to the park. He is three. He couldn't decide whether he would be a froggy.
Or a doggy,
 Or a dinosaur.

Usually he just decides to play one then another then the next and so forth.

Today, however,


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