Saturday, October 26, 2013

Joined NaNoWriMo. Getting back into the Writing World.
Novel Title "The Perfect Gift."
Violet loves unusual gifts and unusual parties so when her friends, all except Maggie who has no sense of adventure, buy strange antiques from a spooky antique shop, she is thrilled. Instead of making her own birthday day wish when she blows out the candle, Violet insists that everyone make a wish for themselves based on the gift they brought.
Add spilt wine, a cut finger and lit candles and you have the perfect combination for everyone to disappear. Everyone except Maggie. She bought a bath set from a normal store. She is left alone. She finds the Antique store and the weird looking owner who gives her a compass and a leather pouch.
"Use these and you will find your friends." the owner tells her. No other instructions. No other pointers.
Maggie, who has no sense of adventure and no idea where to start, has to find her friends who are who-knows-where.

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