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New Horoscopes, Dead Birds and Magnetic Rotations, Oh MY!

Blog 01/14/2011

New Horoscopes, Dead Birds and Magnetic Rotations, Oh MY!

Last night I was watching the news. They had a story, and it is all over the news channels today, that the horoscopes have changed. I used to be a Virgo – rational, practical, intelligent, perfectionist, industrious, efficient, critical, with a calm intensity. Now I am a Leo – dominant, powerful, loving, lives in the moment, quick to give affection, self-confident, a leader, idealistic, philosophical, a born entertainer with a huge ego.

At there are quizzes that tell you how true you are to your zodiac sign. I took the test for Virgo then the test for Leo. I matched 10 out 10 qualities of Virgo. I matched 3 out of 10 qualities of Leo. And according to but many other sites, Western astrology is based on the seasons not on the stars.

Speaking of the stars and the zodiac, there is a “new” zodiac sign – Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer.
Funny thing, I moved up one sign from Virgo to Leo. Ken, whose birthday is October 28 and is a Scorpio, moved 2 signs from Scorpio to Virgo. He’s not a Virgo. At times, Ken and I have discussed me getting a tattoo. I’m basically a coward so I never got one. The one I wanted was a dragon and a scorpion. I am a dragon in the Chinese Horoscope and Ken is a Scorpio. Now the tattoo would be a dragon and a virgin. Can you imagine it – Someone sees my tattoo and comments on it. Yeah, I answer, it represents me and my husband. Oh, they say, the dragon is your husband? No, my husband is the virgin.

I’m sorry. I think that would be hilarious. I may get that tattoo just for that giggle.

Another giggle comes from The Christian Science Monitor. They have discovered dozens of new constellations that make up new horoscope signs.

On another note, in writing I ask “What if” and try to make links between weird thing 1 and weird thing 2. You know, like the heroine uses a can of cranberry sauce and realizes that the scent is the same as the scent in the murder scene. Now she knows which alien is involved – the cranberry smelling 4 legged zibdik. (no that is not a real scene, but you get the idea)

So weird thing 1, in this instance, is dead birds and fish all over the world.

Weird thing 2 is an airport having to close down so they can correct the navigation designators because north is no longer north and south is no longer south.

Now weird thing 3 is a whole new horoscope.

Come to find out, the poles are shifting. They’ve done this time and time again. We’re just more aware of it now due to internet, cable tv, twitter, cell phones and everything else that supplies us with information.

Does this blog have a point? NO

Is this blog moving, meaningful, important, or otherwise noteworthy? NO

It’s just a blog.

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