Saturday, September 1, 2007

Morgan and Len

Morgan leaned her cheek against Len's hand.
"You're tense," Len began massaging his wife's shoulders. "You were so deep in thought. I didn't think you heard me come in."
"Um. That feels so good. I have hauled cargo, unloaded ships, danced for hours, butchered zrabicas and battled dragons, but shelling beans is the hardest job I've ever done. I am so tired."
"What were you thinking about?"
"When we first met."
"You mean when we were married?"
"No," Morgan smiled. "When I tied you up and left you in the vithan village. It was even before I became Khai's bodyguard. Do you remember?"
"Oh yeah. Tige Minton was my partner." Len slipped his hand off Morgan's shoulder and into her blouse. "Where are the kids?" Len whispered in Morgan's ear. His tongue tickled the edge. Morgan shivered as he blew on her ear, cooling the moisture from his tongue.
"Inhibe took Ophah and Edan on a tour of the Amethyst Forest. She promised to protect them from falling crystals with her wings. Inhibe is doing quite well with her dragon lessons. She can turn her wings almost to stone. I told her..."
Len leaned over Morgan and silenced her with a kiss. "Be quiet woman. The kids are gone and your man needs some loving."
Morgan laughed into Len's mouth.
"He does, does he?" Morgan turned so she could kiss Len. "Let me just turn off the transmitter."

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